Preying Hands Candles


Preying hands candles are beautifully handcrafted with intricate detail

A lovely blessing gift perfect for baptisms, birthdays, new-born arrivals or a unique decorative item for your home.

A lit Preying hands candle represents an offering in an act of prayer, which is offered in faith, entering into the light of God.

It also shows reverence and our desire to remain present in prayer even as we continue our day.

The three elements of a lit candle in prayer, are symbolic and relates to Jesus Christ: the wax symbolises his body, the wick his soul, and the flame his divinity.

All infused with natural premium plant-based fragrances, from our range of collections to choose from

100% Natural Waxes Choose from our pure and healthier wax options of either Natural Luxury🐝 Bees Wax or Natural Luxury 🫘 Soy Wax

Want different fragrances look no further, come in and join us at our personalised Design Your Own Candle service

100% Genuine Handcrafted candles made with love and care specially for you!

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    Please note Decorative Art Figurines do not have a wick like candles and are solely used for display purposes

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Welcome to our Decorative Art Candles Collection, We are so happy you came to visit us

Preying hands candles are beautifully handcrafted with intricate detail

Ideal for religious purposes, a great baptism gift or use in meditation and devotional practices

Perfect home décor infused with relaxing aromatherapy fragrances with a peaceful charismatic ambient of hope and faith 

Come and journey with us and to enjoy these beautiful, Amen preying hands candles

At Dazzle Diamonds candles with value your health and are very excited to introduce our healthier option to traditional waxes.

🐝 Bees Wax or 🫘 Soy Wax

For more details see more Wax Information 

100% Eco 🌎 and 🌱Vegan friendly products that are completely Free from Animal Cruelty🦒.

Beautifully handcrafted with luxury natural waxes and Infused with the premium plant-based fragrances..

Finishing off with optional light glitter shower for extra shimmer and sparkles

More than a candle these also act as fragranced ornamental religious themed pieces, that will deliver heavenly aromatherapy scented bliss, to invigorate your environment.

What’s more they are more gentle and therefore suitable for sensitive skins.

For more details see more Fragrance & Colour Information

As unscented candles are equally enjoyable and treasured, for this reason we have added an unscented option

Allowing you to enjoy the candles charismatic glow and themed ambience in an unscented preference.

Our Preying hands candles are made to order, to ensure you receive a freshly made candle that is individually handcrafted to the highest standard, especially for you.

Height approx. 7 cm 

Looking for a spectacular gift, try our Design Your Own Hamper Service where this product can be added to any hamper. Coming soon!

Our aim at Dazzle Diamonds Candles is to provide the best candle experience for all our customers.