Mosaic Crackled Wax Warmer


Mosaic Crackled Wax Warmer, A beautiful Moroccan style wax warmer that will complement any décor

This warmer will compliment any environment weather at home or at work, widely used in cafes and restaurants, this stunning warmer will enhance any environment

A Perfect as a gift for someone special or why not simply treat yourself !

Available for you to choose from; Iridescent Pink, Sliver and Blue mirrored crackle effect.

A unique wax warmer that differs to other warmers with its elegant Crackled Mirror Mosaic finish.

Enjoy a beautiful calming and warming gently glow through the crackles when a tea light candle is lit and placed in the holder,

Creating the perfect ambience for you, it is not only relaxing and soothing it also enhances the enjoyment of sheer bliss

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Mosaic Crackled Wax Warmer in Moroccan Style, are just beautiful, a special gift that will be loved

More than just a wax warmer but an experience not to be missed !!!

This stunning Mosaic Crackled Wax Warmer wax warmer features an iridescent mirrored crackle effect adding charm to any room

Available for you to choose from; Iridescent Pink, Sliver and Teal Blue mirrored crackle effect.

The cracked mosaic effect produces a glow of candle light to shine through the wax warmer, creating a soothing calming ambience

Please note, product photo may slightly differ from actual item in terms of colour due to lighting.

Product Dimension Height 14 cm

Material: 80% Glass , 20% Cement

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