Dazzle Diamonds Candles Colour Chart

Our natural candle dye is made with sustainable Eco, vegan friendly ingredients that are free from animal cruelty and are also gentle to the skin.

Candle dye is made from naturally coloured formulated pigments from natural sources, like plants. The natural colour is extracted and applied to wax to make soy dye chips

Candle dye has smooth vibrant solid colour appearance

Completely clean with non-toxic ingredients

Perfect for making our candles in a range of sunning bold or pastel colours.

Dazzle Diamonds Wax Melts Colour Chart

Mica powders are natural mineral pigments that have a fantastic shimmer and metallic like appearance.

Our mica powder has millions of light-reflecting particles which create beautiful shiny effects. Completely non-toxic, Vegan friendly and free from Animal cruelty.

Made from a natural mineral called muscovite. Muscovite is a silicate mineral, in the same family as quartz. Naturally mica occurs in the igneous rock, which consists of layers of volcanic material.
At this stage, mica is crystal in form and is mined to extract it.

Before it’s processed, mica comes out of the ground in large pearlescent sheets or flakes, which have a naturally shimmering, iridescent property.

Perfect for making our wax melts dazzle with an extra sprinkle of dancing shimmer.

Designer Inspired

Designer Inspired Fragrances 

Alien fragrance


A fragrance similar to the popular woman’s perfume. Alien has a rich floral woody Amber fragrance containing Jasmine Sambas, Cashmere wood and White Amber it is a fragrance whose armour trail awakens your emotions.



Our Diamonds Fragrance is a timeless scent that is very popular and is very similar to the well known feminine classic perfume.

Packed with a full of a rich blend of scents of Lychee, Raspberry, Rose, Freesia, Patchouli and Lily of the Valley.

Combined with hints of Vetiver, Vanilla and Amber to complement each other to recreate that much loved Diamonds Fragrance.


Flower Bomb

A fragrance is similar to the popular women’s perfume.

Explodes into a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes, with harmonious sparkling top notes of mandarin and orange, middle notes of Jasmine with a hint of orange tree, Cattleya orchid, freesia, rose and a woody base note of Patchouli.

One Million Fragrance

Lady One Million

This fragrance is a timeless scent that is very popular and is very similar to the well known feminine classic perfume.

Lady Million is a trail of white fresh notes -that spill over into dangerous Patchouli.

A fresh, floral transparent interpretation of the original fragrance.


Floral Fragrances


Lavender Spa

Containing pure Lavender, this soothing and relaxing blend is reminiscent of a day at the spa. So, enjoy this luscious experience while taking advantage of its added health benefits.

Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile aromas used in aromatherapy.

Health Benefits

Distilled from the plant Lavendula Anguvstifolia, this fragrance promotes relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Transforming your ambience to that of peace harmony and tranquillity because your worth it!


Lusious Vanilla

A rich, creamy concoction of rich Madagascan vanilla pods. Luscious Vanilla is whipped to a buttery frenzy with a hint of nutmeg.

A heart of warm, heady florals leads a sensual trail to a base of crushed nuts, warm woods and soft, velvety musk.

Vanilla is a spice derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, primarily obtained from pods of the Mexican species

Health Benefits

Medically proven that vanilla fragrance reduces stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re feeling the Monday blues coming on or you just need a little lift, vanilla is your cheer up scent.

This powerful aroma stimulates your brain to release endorphins, or happy hormones, as we like to call them.

As a result, you get to enjoy a feeling of satisfaction and calmness. Vanilla not only calming, but is so soothing and relaxing it can enable you fall asleep faster into a peaceful slumber.


Rose Blossom

A freshly picked bouquet of roses in full blossom with a delightful fresh scent associated with freshly picked roses, just for you!

so relax unwind and reminisce on those long lazy summer days with a beautiful clean crisp scent of Rose Blossom with hints of geranium, dewy stems and regal iris and nuances of geranium and violet, all wrapped in a gentle woody base.


Rose Geranium

A beautiful floral scent is a perfect aroma to fragrance your home.

Ambience of calming and gentle soothing effects.

Our Rose Geranium fragrance formulated to create a floral explosion with top notes of fresh Geranium clusters and Rose petals that blend into a heat of pink peppercorns, sparkling Bergamot and white tea accord.
A Fresh and floral fragrance to bring you hours of invigorating aromatherapy pleasure.


Vanilla Anise

A beautiful floral scent is considered a tropical orchid and is the fruit (vanilla pod) of Vanilla Planifolia, a specie of vanilla orchid.

A sweet, uplifting, fruity and unbelievably juicy aroma!

Herbal & Earthy Fragrance

Eucalyptus & Menthol

A crisp, refreshing scent of the Australian bush. Its aroma is ideal for providing a fresh, clean scent in your home
Infused with Menthol oil, a member of the Liliaceae family. This oil is potent and distinctive and is classed as a top note. Menthol Liquid blends well with citrus, earthy, herby, minty, and woodsy oils.

Health Benefits

Eucalyptus & Menthol is known for its anti-nausea and soothing effects it can have on the body.
A soothing smell perfect for clearing your head and regaining inner balance. It is also known to help clear the sinuses, increase energy levels and alleviate headaches.


Its benefits also stretch into the world of creepy crawlies as it acts as an excellent bug repellent


This Sage fragrance offers an earthy aroma with an herbaceous scent, with crisp and strong green notes.

An herb mixture with relaxing properties consisting of cedar leaf, eucalyptus, cedar wood, fresh pine, and earthy sage.

Notes: Bottom – cedar leaf, woody notes.

Health Benefits

Commonly use sage for memory and thinking skills, high cholesterol, and symptoms of menopause.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage oil is a member of the Lamiaceae family. This oil has an earthy and floral aroma that is both nutty and herbaceous. It is classed as a middle note and blends well with citrus, herby, minty, and woodsy oils.

Health Benefits

Clary Sage is commonly known to stimulate libido and has sedative abilities that induce feelings of relaxation, clarity, and calmness while alleviating dizziness, anxiety, and irritability.

Oriental & woody fragrance

Oriental & Woody Fragrances


Ginger Lily & Ylang Ylang Garden

A floral-oriental blend that delivers exceptional fragrance.

This gorgeous floral aroma, offers exquisite fresh petals of Ginger Lily with soft notes of musk, amber and vanilla leading into a heart of the Ylang Ylang flower, providing a soothing and floral aroma.

Ylang Ylang is known to help to restore confidence, balance the mind and create an uplifted mood.

While creating a relaxing and soothing ambiance supported by a rich floral body of of the Ginger Lily this is truly fragrant affair not to be missed!


Cinnamon & Nutmeg

This unique combination of cinnamon and nutmeg with a smooth background of caramel and vanilla. Nutmeg provides a warm-spicy-sweet profile, widely appreciated by all.

The mixed aroma is the perfect combination with the clove-cinnamon and spicy nutmeg for those who’s looking to add subtle hints of spiciness cinnamon and nutmeg fragrance is spicy and pungent, and it lingers enough to provide a full aroma pleasing to you!


Cinnamon Rush

Our Cinnamon Rush fragrance is a full-bodied scent identical to rich spicy cinnamon powder.

This fragrance is bursting with the powerful scent of Cinnamon, perfect for spice lovers.
With its rich, warm cinnamon fragrance with notes of cloves.

Cinnamon is one of the smells of Christmas, spicy and enticing, comforting and sweet, all at once. Cinnamon oil is a sensitizer naturally distilled from the leaves, and twigs.

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is a rich creamy sandalwood fragrance infused with frankincense, geranium and suggestions of rosewood.

Middle note of rose, sandalwood and a hint of lilac, resting on a base of sandalwood, patchouli, cedar wood and intense oriental amber.

Palo Santo

This Palo Santo fragrance reveals a rich, sophisticated woody fragrance with bergamot, olibanum, cypress, mint and basil leading to a heart of clove and verbena.

All resting on a complex base of patchouli, velvet woods, tonka, benzoin, moss, amber and a hint of leather.

Health Benefits

Palo Santo is traditionally used as a natural remedy for colds and flu, as well as symptoms of stress. Palo Santo oil is purifying of the air and the mind. It has antimicrobial properties, tends to be calming to the nervous system,
It is also known to relieve asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation. A great calming fragrance for aromatherapy that can reduce feelings of anxiety, and may brighten the mood


White Musk Amber

White Musk Amber fragrance is a glorious fusion of aromas of Bergamot, geranium and lavender that opens this fragrance with floral heart notes of lavender, jasmine, lily and amber. A sandalwood base with hints of vanilla, musk and patchouli. An elegant unisex fragrance for his or her enjoyment


Christmas Fragrances

Christmas Tree Fragrance

Christmas Tree

A fresh spicy Christmas fragrance with top notes of pine needles supported by a middle note of clove, cinnamon and pimento resting on a base of fir balsam and precious woods


Christmas Wishes

A beautiful seasonal fragrance to wish you into the Christmas mood.

A unique blend that hints of sugar cookies in the oven, with pine scent from the fireplace, and a delicious base of rich vanilla and sweet sugarcane dreams.

A gorgeous scent that will add an extra glow to all those Christmas wishes

A warm spicy blend of Cinnamon and Clove with a juicy Orange and Mandarin on a Woody Musky Base

Frankincense 2


For thousands of years, Frankincense has been used in religious rites and prayers because of its grounding, calming qualities.

Our Frankincense fragrance has a very aromatic earthy scent. You will definitely get the Boswellia tree’s musty pine notes, along with citrus and spicy undertones.

It is also quite similar to, rosemary. A unisex fragrance for his or her desire. In aromatherapy.

Health Benefits

It’s used as a balancing oil – calming but not causing drowsiness and lingers, clearing your mind, allowing you to increase you focus and concentration.


Mistletoe kisses

This enchanting romantic festive fragrance opens with citrus fruit notes, mixed with berries and frozen rose petals before finishing with wintery notes of musk and vanilla with precious woods, warm amber and patchouli bring the fragrance to a captivating close.


Winter Berries

A magical scent of a winter wonderland filled with frosted red berries, sparkling fruity delight of Elderberries, Sweet ice kissed Cranberries glistening in the snow, lavished by a hint of pine nuts, dry orange peel, gala apple and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

Sweet aromatherapy to brighten and warm the coldest of winter days.

Fresh and Clean fragrance

Fresh n Clean Fragrances


Dreams Unstoppable

A dreamy version of the popular fabric softener fragrance, a well known fabric conditioner we all know and love

A soft and delicate fruity floral fragrance opening with top notes of pineapple, orange and apple followed by a green floral heart of jasmine, lily of the valley and violet rose all resting on a soft and creamy base of coconut, sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

Fresh Linen Breeze framed

Fresh Linen Breeze

Our Fresh Linen Breeze Fragrance has been specially formulated to evoke the familiar and well-loved scent associated with freshly cleaned linen – the sort of crisp smell and feel we all love when sliding into our beds with freshly cleaned sheets.

This aroma initially exudes a strong and prominent smell associated with lemon zest, bergamot and citron. This aroma is enhanced by light undertones of neroli, crisp lavender, lilac and cashmere.

Incorporated into the fragrance is a delightful traces of ivory patchouli, sandalwood, light musk. A popular aroma that delights all nasal pallets.


Mountain Air Zoflo

Mountain Air Fragrance oil inspired by the well known cleaning scent.

Our Mountain Air Fragrance oil has top notes of Pineapple, Lime, Lavender, Parma Violet, Gardenia and Lime with middle notes of Lily, Rose, Iris and Heliotrope and bottom notes of Amber, Orange Blossom and Precious Wood.  




White Musk Sparkles

A succulent White Musk aroma with sweet connotations of orange, gardenia, lily and cyclamen.

A glorious smell of sparkling fresh white roses full of lovely deep rosy musky scents to create this earthy and soothing fragrance.

Fruity and citrus fragrances

Fruity & Citrus Fragrances


Lemon & Lime Twist

Our new Lemon & Lime Fragrance is the ultimate combination of two favourite citrus fruits.

The zesty scent of lemon and the tangy aroma of lime are combined in the Lemon & Lime fragrant oil to give you a huge energy boost and maintain the uplifting ambience.


Lemon & Tropical Coconut

This fruity tropical accord opens with notes of coconut, freshly sliced ripe lemons and a hint of freshly picked strawberries onto a heart of coconut, peach and floral nuances all resting on a sweet base of vanilla, sugar and musk.

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum tingle your taste buds with the refreshing fragrance of Sugar Plum, with hints of, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.

A strong, luscious, sugary plum scent that has notes of mulled citrus fruits, muscadine and sugar plum, followed by a leafy green middle note and finishing with a white musk and sugary-sweet vanilla note.


Tropical Burst

Our exquisite Tropical Burst Fragrance is bursting with the aromas of juicy ripe Caribbean mango enriched with succulent melon.

This fragrance is packed with sweet and fruity hints of coconut, juicy pear, ripe strawberries and passionfruit followed by pink grapefruit, melon and pineapple and a background of raspberry sorbet.

So Unwind relax and let our Tropical Burst fragrance take you on simulated guided tour around the Tropics, hot sunny days, golden beaches and fruity refreshing drinks. Enjoy this luxurious tropical journey!


Zesty Orange

Our juicy Zesty Orange Fragrance has been specially formulated to evoke the well-loved fruity scent of fresh oranges and immediately exudes a strong and prominent smell associated with orange zest, lemon and ginger.

This sensuous fruity aroma will fill your room with a scent that is then enhanced by light undertones of citrus sugar and orange flower.

This distinctive fragrance with delightful traces of sugarcane and pink pepper to enhance, a fresh mouth watering fruity citrus fragrance that is twisted by hints of grapefruit and lychee with cool zesty notes, for you to enjoy!


Sweet Candy Fragrances


Bubble Gum

A sweet, uplifting, fruity and unbelievably juicy aroma!

Notes of fresh rich mixture of berry fruits, pineapple, orange, grape, pear, mandarin with a slight phenolic and gum undertones.


Candy Floss

Fabulous tantalising aromas of freshly spun Candy Floss.

This fragrance is a blend of fresh strawberry and French vanilla.

Sweet Candy Floss accord with sticky sweet sugar notes and hints of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and sherbet.


Sweet Toffee Popcorn

Cosy nights in with fragrances of movie night sweer toffee popcorn

A sweet accord with notes of soft vanilla and creamy buttery popcorn.

Top notes of Butter and Sea Salt, mid tones of Popcorn & Coconut


Tutti Fruity

The fun and sweet tropical flavours of Tutti Fruity spring into life in this yummy fragrance oil! It is a delightful scent that will create an ambience of joy and positivity.

Our delicious fruity fragrance composed of sweet candy notes of raspberry, strawberry and peach lifted by zesty citrus notes of lemon, lime and orange.

Drinks & Desserts Fragrances

Black Forest Gateau

Reminisce of the infamous Black Forest Gateau cake we all know and love.

An intense ruby cocoa bean fragrance with fresh fruity berry notes, alongside luscious smooth cocoa nuances.

Cherry Cheesecake

Cherry Cheesecake is a truly strong addictive mouth-watering dessert fragrance that bursts from the onset with the aroma of freshly baked Cheesecake straight from the oven.

Topped with delicious plump ripe juicy Cherries and Vanilla Cream.


Sweet, warming top notes with slight citrus coupled with middle notes of oriental orchid, cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg.

It is completed with delicious base notes of woody vanilla.


Strawberry Daiquiri

A refreshing blend of fresh strawberries, with a hint of spicy vanilla. A refreshing bold fragrance of the ever-popular frozen beverage Strawberry Daiquiri.

Packed with Fresh red ripe strawberries and quenching orange notes accompanied with luscious vanilla and zesty lemon.

This aroma will fill up your room with a sweet aroma that is then enhanced by light undertones of lime crush Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance, a delightful treat just for you!


Pina Colada

Pina Colada fragrance, a mouth watering accord with top notes of juicy pineapple with a heart of creamy coconut on a base of sweet vanilla and creamy musk’s.

This perfect Pina Colada, is exquisitely refreshing and tasty a tropical cocktail blends of sweet coconut cream with white rum and freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

Inspired by the popular cocktail drink usually served with r with rum, cream of coconut and pineapple juice, blended or shaken with ice. A must try fragrance!


Strawberries & Cream Bliss

Yum yum !!!

Strawberries and Cream is a luscious famous dessert served at Wimbledon, Fresh strawberries are drizzled with a vanilla-infused cream to really bring out their sweet and delicate flavour.

A fruity fragrance packed with fresh juicy ripe strawberries sprinkled in caster sugar and covered in fresh double cream.

The ultimate taste of summertime with seasonal berries!

Indulgent chocolate fragrance

Indulgent Chocolate Fragrances


Chocolisious Delight

Calling all Chocolate lovers!!!

Shhhh! Its arrived 100% zero calorie indulgent moment made just for you!!!

Luscious creamy chocolate aromas It boasts a delicate scent of rich milk chocolate that contains a distinct cocoa note. It is perfectly balanced out with the subtle notes of caramel and vanilla.

Health Benefits

Chocolate fragrances stimulates the mind and triggers a happy thought.

Studies have shown that the smell of chocolate has a broader effect than any other scent that gets the brain to have a positive response


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Adore our mouth-watering chocolate chip cookie fragrance.

A sweet edible smelling accord of warm cookies and cocoa with nuances of nuts, biscuit, and rich creamy vanilla

A luscious delicate scent with its wholesome smell of doughy chocolatey goodness.


Chocolate Orange Truffles

Calling all chocolate lovers!!! 100% zero calorie indulgent moment made just for you!!!

A must try… our infamous Chocolate Orange Truffle fragrance, flirts with delicious aromas of chocolate- combining milk chocolate and screams of sweet orange notes while resting on a delicate vanilla base.


Choco Mocha Supreme

Luxurious chocolate fragrance blended with toasted coffee bean brewed with cream and a touch of caramel

A luxurious combination of the finest Brazilian coffee beans, blended with tempting milk chocolate, with a background of creamy vanilla.

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