Mini Fruit Salad Wax Melts

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Mini Fruit Salad wax melts are cute and compact with a fully loaded highly scented punch.

Temptingly scrumptious and lush are the best way to describe these freshly prepared Mini fruit wax melts

A delightful fruit salad assortment of pineapple, grapes, cherries bananas and apples infused in luxury soothing aromatherapy fragrances

What’s more they are perfectly designed for mixing scents, Choose from our luxury range of tantalising fragrances that are just irresistible.

A perfect gift for your loved ones or simply order a treat for your own self-indulgence, because you are worth It!

100% Handcrafted with natural Soy Wax and infused in luxury plant-based fragrance oil.

Eco and Vegan friendly ingredients that are free from Animal testing.

Looking for an amazing selection of luxury handcrafted wax melts, or maybe you fancy different fragrance or colour, Look out for our Design Your Own Wax Melts Service  coming soon!


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Welcome to our mini Wax Melts Collection, We are so happy you came to visit us

Mini Fruit Salad Wax Melts are fabulously delicious, a perfect gift for all to enjoy

These cute wax melts are small and compact, however they pack a mighty highly scented punch!

What’s more they will give you hours and hours of luscious soothing aromatherapy fragrances, that will have your home smelling amazing.

Treat yourself and refresh your home while relaxing with long lasting calming aromatherapy fragrances.

Allow the aromas to release your feel-good endorphins to an uplifting mood, simply easing away any tension and aiding clarity of the mind.

So, come on unwind with our Mini Fruit Salad wax melts and sooth away the stresses from a long day.

At Dazzle Diamonds Candles we value your health, that’s why all our Wax Melts are made with 100% pure and natural ingredients

Natural Soy Wax – Luxury fragrance oil – Natural Mica dye & Biodegradable glitter

100% Handcrafted 🌱Vegan & Eco-friendly products that are Free from Animal Cruelty🦒

All our Wax melts are made with high quality premium ingredients including Luxury Natural Eco Soy Wax infused in premium plant-based fragrance oil and natural colour dye.

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Our Wax melts are made with pure ingredients that deliver fresh clean burning and long-lasting wax melts, free from any nasty chemicals.

Luxury Natural Eco Soy Wax infused in premium plant-based fragrance oil and natural Mica powder.

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Finishing off with optional biodegradable glitter to bring a touch of sparkle while melting.

Want a different design, fragrance, or colour, check out our range of wax melts collections

Look out for our new and exciting Design Your Own Wax Melts Service coming soon!

Weight approx.

Infused in 5 Luxury fragrances: Strawberry Daiquiri, Zesty Orange, Tropical Burst, Lemon & Lime Twist and Winter Berries.

Weight approx.
x25 – 44g
x60 – 106g