LuLu Candle Lamp Deluxe


The LuLu Candle Lamp Deluxe is our exclusive design and makes a fabulous gift that will say “I love you” and more

Our Beautiful Elegant and Bold LuLu Candle Lamp is a luxury candle from our Exclusive Designed range is like nothing you can buy anywhere else!

A unique design that oozes with splendour and stature and stands out in a league of its own in the field of Specialist handcrafted candles.

Sparkles, Shimmers, Shines and Glows

An absolute must have for yourself or a spectacular gift for someone special or a glorious treat yourself because your worth It!!!

Proudly designed and produced by Dazzle Diamonds Specialist Handcrafted Candles.

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Welcome to our Excusive Designed candles Collection, we are so happy you came to visit us.

LuLu Candle Lamp Deluxe is the mother of our LuLu Candle Lamp, its huge luxury handcrafted status says it all.

All our candles in this range are proudly designed and produced by, Dazzle Diamonds Specialist Handcrafted Candles & are like nothing you can buy anywhere else!

More than a candle but a stunning ornamental piece that will give any deco a wow factor

Weeks and weeks of heavenly aromatherapy scented bliss, to invigorate your home and environment.

Come and journey with us and enjoy the unique experience of the illuminating Candle

Absolutely stunning to look at, order now and bring the summers garden into you home

Available in various fragrances and colours from our range of collections

A magical gift to be loved and cherished, the LuLu Candle Lamp, an extra large elegant and rare candle that will wow all at first glance.

Designed with 3 different layers and a staggering 3 different waxes.

Enjoy the relaxing ambience with calming aromatherapy scents or display as a fragranced decorative piece to compliment deco with its stunning and eye-catching design.

When lit the Peony flower at the top of the LuLu Candle lamp will glow throughout the entire candle

Changing the candle colour, to the colour of the Peony flower while illuminating a beautiful garland of flowers

Absolutely stunning to look at, order now and bring the summers garden into you home.

The 3 different waxes provide an extended life of this candle, giving you a much longer smoother burn

For more details please see  Wax Information

Finishing with a beautiful, scented Peony flower infused in scrumptious floral fragrances to crown this glorious princess.

Choose from our luxury Floral range of fragrances; Rose Blossom, Ginger Lily & Ylang Ylang Garden, Lavender Spa and Rose Geranium

For more details please see Fragrance Information

Enjoy the relaxing ambience of luxury calming aromatherapy scents with the soft ambient glow of the candle flame and melt away in tranquillity or simple display as a fragranced decorative piece to compliment deco with its stunning and eye-catching design.

The LuLu Candle Lamp Description

Base: A layer of Natural Bees wax, scented in our luxury fresh fragrances

Middle: Gel wax with a garland of assorted dried flowers around the edges of the candle glass.

Top: Luxury creamy Coconut wax, infused with scents from our floral range of fragrances

Topped off  with a beautiful sparkling scented Peony flower to crown this glorious Princess.

Infused with Natural luxury plant-based Rose Blossom fragrance and laced with gold and silver leaf.

Final finishing off with a light shower of biodegradable glitter for added sparkles.

All set in a beautiful reusable large ribbed glass candy jar, with a complementary glass lid for fresh keeping

This product can be added to our range of gift hampers, So look out of for our new and exciting  Design Your Own Deluxe Hamper Service coming soon!

Dimensions approx. (H) 12cm