Amethyst Crystal Candles


Amethyst Crystal Candle, infused in Lavender Spa, a special and thoughtful gift for all

Crystals are believed to have healing properties and the Amethyst crystal is one of the most popular used.

The Amethyst crystal, is a Crown Chakra believed to improve the purifying and healing of the mind

Clearing negative thoughts, Relieves Stress and Anxiety aiding Peace, induces Clarity & Well Being of the Mind.

All infused in Luxury Lavender Spa fragrance known for creating peace harmony and tranquillity 

100% Handcrafted  with natural ingredients. 

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Amethyst Crystal Candles are commonly used for their healing properties that can be enjoyed in a lit candle

As a fragranced ornamental piece this candle is pretty interesting and will generate positive energy and calming aromatherapy scented bliss, to invigorate your environment.

Come and journey with us and to enjoy these beautiful, Amethyst crystal candles

At Dazzle Diamonds candles with value your health and are very excited to introduce our Coconut Wax a healthier option to traditional waxes.

Coconut wax is considered as one of the best and healthiest types of wax to make candles

For more wax details see Wax Information

100% handcrafted with Luxury Natural Coconut wax, Infused with the Natural luxury plant-based fragrances.

What’s more they are more gentle and therefore suitable for sensitive skins.

For more details see Fragrance & Colour Information

Finishing off with optional biodegradable glitter for extra shimmer and sparkles

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Our aim at Dazzle Diamonds candles is provide the best candle experience for al our customers